Reid, Angle, and Those Darn Beltway Parents

Quickie: The average “inside-the-Beltway” household has more than two children in it.

“That’s the reality. So while folks INSIDE THE BELTWAY believe he’s over-exposed, and those folks that watch a lot of cable TV might believe he’s overexposed, ask the working parent of two if they think the same thing.”

You know it’s a legitimate point because it involves a professional, mainstream news site posting content IN ALL CAPS. Ah, the Main Street wisdom of MSNBC.

Anyway, while the big story of the day is the selective injunction that, pending review and approval, will potentially change who enforces some of Arizona’s immigration laws, one of the more interesting stories is the ongoing saga of Sharon Angle, the Republican Senate nominee challenging Harry Reid. In the same breath, we see pieces about Obama’s drastic overexposure and Angle’s embarrassing underexposure.

Choice bits about the value of exposure here and here. That second one’s about Britain, but unfortunately Google Scholar has not yet fully supplanted my need to actually properly use LexisNexis. Basically, there is no such thing as overexposure. At the same time, I don’t think there’s such thing as Angle’s underexposure, as well. Let’s be honest: the image of a candidate for U.S. Senate literally running away from reporters is YouTube gold. Angry Teabaggers have a hard time being underexposed. This may help explain why more Nevadans view Angle as an extremist, but also view her more favorably, according to 750 likely voters and a little of that Rasmussen magic.

And by “a little of that Rasmussen magic,” I mean Rasmussen kinda sucks at polling, especially when Demcorats are involved.


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