Right on cue…

This was posted today on one of my favorite resources, OpenSecrets.org, this morning.

‘Shadow RNC’ American Crossroads Raises Millions in August from Wealthy Individuals, Corporations
Top conservatives, including former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie and former Bush strategist Karl Rove, helped establish American Crossroads earlier this year. The group, which some have called the “shadow RNC” and “the Republican answer to George Soros’ money,” is headed by Steven Law, a top GOP operative.

As I speculated earlier, if you already have the Roll-o-dex and know-how a career in politics would provide, why would you leave party fundraising to the party?

Other groups like MoveOn.org and the Coffee Party have already been doing this for a few years, and I suspect the number of stars in the almost entirely separate galaxies of Republican and Democratic fundraising efforts will only grow with time.



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