Big Donors and Sarah Palin’s 2012 Prospects

Forget the straw polls. If money is a top factor in predicting electoral outcomes, consider the array of conservative donors and media personalities who have decided not to line up with Sarah Palin:

What makes this roster of opposition important now is that, if she runs for President in 2012, she will be dealing with an entirely different level of the Republican Party organization. Vice Presidential candidates are groomed, trained, massaged, and introduced. Presidential candidates do the grooming, the training, the massaging…

There were too many factors all but guaranteeing a McCain/Palin defeat in 2008, but Palin’s campaign certainly didn’t help. It’s unclear whether Palin has the kind of staff that inveigle its way into a donor network that has largely rejected her, much less manage the actually day-to-day of Presidential electoral insanity. The campaign was derided as cloistered, ineffectual, and slow to respond when she wanted to be Vice President. I think, as surely do many Republican donors, it would only be worse if she were the one not riding the coat-tails.



2 Responses to “Big Donors and Sarah Palin’s 2012 Prospects”

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