New Years’ Prediction

I’ve had this idea floating around for awhile now, but if I were going to make one prediction for 2011, it would be this:

By December 31st, 2011, Googling “Darrell Issa” will return at least as many hits as Googling “John Boehner.”

As of 9:30pm on January 1st, Googling “John Boehner” returns 2,380,000 hits while “Darrell Issa” returns a measly 238,000, so I think I’ve made a claim that won’t come about as a result of some predestined secular trend.

I think this prediction is going to come true because Darrell Issa is now the ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the Committee on the Judiciary. In particular, the ability of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to issue subpoenas to anyone in the government who deals with contractors (i.e., most agency employees and staff-level positions in the Executive and Legislative branches) gives Issa the ability to seriously harass the Administration. This was a tactic made famous during the Clinton Administration, when 1,052 subpoenas were issued to Administration staff under Committee Chair Dan Burton.

Overall it seems Issa is being positioned in a way that will allow him to challenge the legality of virtually any Obama policies that come out in the next two years. It is part of the stated strategy of the Republican Party to do just that once 112 gets going.


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